Monday, 16 December 2013

BBC Christmas Trailer

Oh dear, the Doctor is Clara's boyfriend now. Or at least is being introduced as such.


Joe Shelby said...

For those curious, the song lyric at the end ("You give a little love and it all comes back to you...") was by American singer-songwriter Paul Williams for the 1976 movie-musical Bugsy Malone (staring a very young Scott Baio and Jodie Foster, though they weren't the actual singers).

Paul also wrote the songs for the original Muppet Movie.

Joe Shelby said...

ok, what I didn't know is that in spite of the American lead cast, songwriter, and storyline, Bugsy Malone is actually a British film (and a fairly popular one at that), directed by Alan Parker (The Wall), so yeah, the song is hardly 'new' to you. For most of us yanks, few today even know the movie exists, which is a shame really, as it is quite fun for its intended audience.