Thursday, 16 August 2012

Russell T Davies' Personal Dalek is a Star!

When Steven Moffat said that Asylum Of The Daleks features one of every kind of Dalek from Doctor Who, I didn't think he included personal Daleks as well.

At the BFI screen Steven Moffat told all about "borrowing" RTD's Dalek:

"There are Daleks from all era of Doctor Who. Some of them are replicas, some are the originals. And there’s one Dalek from Russell T Davies’ hallway. It’s heavily featured on the poster on the front right."

"Russell, before he was even showrunner, was just that cool guy who got a Dalek made for himself so he could have it in the hallway to impress people. But when people ask him is it a real Dalek, he’d say ‘No, it’s not, it’s a replica.’ So when we were doing this, we thought, let’s get Russell’s Dalek, let’s ship it from Manchester and canonise it. Make it a proper Dalek. So in future, he can now say, yes it is." 

But it didn't return without battle scars from the adventure. Steven later said "It has been returned – with slight scorching – to Russell’s hallway."

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