Thursday, 25 July 2013

So You Want to Buy A Doctor Who Script

As a public service announcement, we're noting that Ian Levine is attempting to offload a selection of Doctor Who scripts and appears not to have had much luck with it so far. Two hundred pounds a pop minimum (apparently some of the rarer ones are being sold for two fifty or more), for your pick of the scripts when he was working as JN-T's fan advisor: i.e., Season 18 to Season 23. Except for the scripts he's sold already, which isn't public information, so you'll have to ask him about whether he still has the one you want, how much it is, or how you'll get it, since he isn't using Ebay. On grounds of making sure all the scripts go to a good home, so you'll have to contact him via his Facebook if you want to buy one. "Some are first drafts, some rehearsal scripts, some camera scripts," as per his Twitter.

For everybody else, here is some light music.

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