Friday, 13 September 2013

The Day of the Doctor DVD and Blu-Ray release date announced.

We've had the title revealed, we've had the unveiling of the (very cool) promotional posters and of course we've always known the air date, so I suppose now must be the right time to announce the release date of the DVD and Blu-Ray versions of The Day of the Doctor and get those lucrative pre-orders rolling in.  Cynicism aside, it seems the BBC are continuing their trend of almost immediate DVD and Blu-Ray releases with this most special of specials, by making them available on Monday 2nd December.  In fairness that's a whole 9 days after the 23rd November and shows remarkable restraint on behalf of the BBC whilst still allowing plenty of time for pre-Christmas purchasing. Smart move (and almost certainly nothing to do with making sure people don't accidentally receive their copies before the special has actually aired on television - because that would never happen).

We'll have more news on the actual contents of both the DVD and Blu-Ray, including all the nutritious extras, as and when they are announced.  Until then you could always pop over to the BBC shop and place your pre-order.  You know, just if you want to.



Glyph said...

Will be interesting to see if this ends up on series 8 too.

Shruthi Nara said...

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looking for.Thank you for this post and vital information.

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PaulAspel said...

Ordered a copy from Amazon where it's just over £11, it £17 on the BBC shop!

Luke Foord said...

Well I'm a box set fan so interested how this works out.