Thursday, 17 October 2013

Dark Eyes 2 details revealed

Today Big Finish have announced on their Facebook page that studio sessions for Dark Eyes 2 have been completed. The Dark Eyes series features the Eighth Doctor as he struggles to find hope in a universe full of villainy. In their article, Big Finish have also revealed details on what to expect from the story:
‘We left Molly wandering off back to her life of blood sweat and tears as a nursing assistant during World War One last time,’ explains writer, director and executive producer of Dark Eyes 2, Nick Briggs. ‘This time, things have moved on for her and she doesn’t return to the Doctor’s side in quite the way that many might expect.’
Other returning characters include Liv Chenka, who appeared in 2011's Doctor Who: Robophobia, where she met the Seventh Doctor; The Eminence, villians from this years Doctor Who: The Seeds of War; and the Master -played by Alex MacQueen- following his debut in last years' epic, Doctor Who: UNIT: Dominion. The Daleks will also be making their presence felt once again, after previously appearing in Dark Eyes 1. It's certainly looking like a villain-packed series so far!

Dark Eyes 2 will be released in February 2014 and is available for pre-order now, along with it's follow-ups Dark Eyes 3 and 4 at a discount price from Big Finish's website.


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